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Directions For Google Slides

Google Slides Instructions


Directions on how to use Google Slides   Open your Chromebook

At the bottom left corner of the screen, you’ll see a circle. Click it.

A pop-up will appear. Click on where you see “Search your device, apps, web…”

Type in “slides” (without the quotation marks (“”))

The yellow Slides Icon should appear directly below where you were typing. Click on it.


Near the top of the screen, you will see “Start a new presentation” with a list of rectangles directly beneath it.

Click the leftmost rectangle (white with a colorful + in the middle; labeled “Blank”)

Click on the word “Insert” at the top

The first dropdown will say Image; to the right of that, choose where you would like to get your picture from, then choose the picture you want.

Now you have inserted an image into your slide!

To create a new slide where you may insert another image, click the + sign all the way on the left below where it says “File”