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4th Grade Magnet Teacher A. Tooley » Welcome and Back to School Information

Welcome and Back to School Information

Dear future leader and learner,

Welcome to our learning community! I am so excited to meet you (if I have not already!)! Your time as a fourth grader is going to be filled with excitement, challenges, and so much growth!

As you get ready to join our community, there are a few things I want you to know. First, I am here for you. I know being in a new class, with new people, and new things to learn can be scary and exciting. I want you to know that I genuinely care about you and will be there for you. I cannot wait to write your name on our board, learn about your interests, have lunch with you, and create new memories together. Through it all, I will be there for you.

Second, you are special. No matter what grades you get, no matter how you see learning right now, no matter how you see school right now, I see you as unique and brilliant. You already have a place in this classroom.  You are special, and I am honored to have you in our community.

Lastly, be prepared for a unique learning experience! When you enter this community, you are on STAGE! You are a leader AND a learner in our community! Begin thinking about what House you will want to join! Who knows what house you will get! You have something to offer as we journey to Jurassic Park, the beach, Hogwarts, learn multiple art forms, and so much more! We will experience learning in a new way where you will need to STEP UP and take your learning into your hands! With fun comes high expectations! Be prepared to be involved, have fun, and be ready to be the best you can be!

I can't wait to meet you! 

Love your future teacher,

Mrs. Tooley

P.S. Check out our FlipGrid and record your FIRST video introducing yourself! 

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